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WRAP: Love Food Hate Waste Campaign Evaluation

We worked with WRAP, the government agency tasked with helping recycling take off in the UK and creating a market for recycled materials, on the Love Food Hate Waste Campaign. The campaign aims to encourage people to reduce the amount of food waste that they have, and provides tips on how to preserve food better and how to use left overs. Our task was to provide ongoing monitoring and a strategic evaluation of the media and the activity of social channels for the campaign to inform and support future planning.

Results: We sent daily updates on coverage to the communications team so that messages and penetration could be assessed on a regular basis to adapt the campaign. For instance specific key messages could be pushed further in interviews with spokespeople.

The evaluation included quantitative and qualitative metrics, such as: volume and favourability of coverage broken down by media; tracking the presence of the terms and messages; most prolific spokesperson and message; percentage and frequency of audience reached; information on reach and value of coverage.  

We also produced a social media monitoring report to measure online buzz, which was a valuable and direct insight into the views and opinions of key journalists, stakeholders and the target audience. It covered metrics such as: volume of social media activity; peaks and troughs in social media activity (time); increase/decrease in friends and followers; mentions of specific phrases/key messages and most influential and prominent bloggers/tweeters.

Our evaluation also looked at the top tweets and the readership of them. Due to our wider knowledge of the campaign the analysis was particularly insightful, for example, the Q&As session on the launch day (Twitter party between 2pm and 5pm) saw a huge peak of social media activity, and a pre-defined hashtag was mentioned in 68% of posts. This insight enabled us to make a number of strong recommendations to WRAP for future campaigns and social media activity. The overall report, which included traditional media analysis as well as social media monitoring, was delivered to the client two weeks after each campaign period.

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